I was asked to design and make some maiboxes for the entrance hall to this property which houses a number of private flats.The entrance hall was being refurbished at the time and it was pretty obvious that the old mailboxes had fallen into a state of disrepair. See below.

The client wanted the mailboxes to be well made and to reflect some aspect of the building that they were to sit in. I found inspiration in the ceiling of the outer part of the entrance hall. It had a wooden vaulted ceiling with some interesting relief patterns carved into the panels. I thought this would be a good starting point.

Back in the workshop, once the design was confirmed I began to machine the wood and set about glueing the carcase together. This would form the main body of the mailboxes. I used solid wood throughout this project to insure they were built to last and found a suitable coloured wood that  provided a good base colour for staining and finishing upon completion.


The next step was to make and fit the doors. Once fitted I made a jig which enabled me to transfer the relief pattern I had designed on to each door. I had to make sure there was also enough room to fit in the various pieces of door furniture, lock and mail flap etc required.


 After the staining and finishing was complete I was able to fit the brass door furniture. Each mailbox was supplied with it's own individual key.

The final stage was of course to deliver and fit. The mailboxes were attached to the wall of the inner entrance hall. The mailboxes recieved much admiration from passing residents and were a welcomed addition to the entrance hall.